Agave Spirits Gallery KIN'EMON(金右衛門)


Media Coverage

Listed on Wikipedia


We were surprised to hear that our gallery is listed on Wikipedia.
A magazine editor told us about this.
It is the first time for a liquor store to be featured on Wikipedia.

We are getting a lot of attention
from the press!

  • Monthly EXILE, December issue

    In the column of tequila enthusiast "USA," we assisted him in the project he launched.
    We were thrilled that he thanked us for this opportunity and introduced our gallery in the article.

  • BRUTUS (Published by Magazine House)
    November 15 issue(2021)

    We received a request for cooperation from the editorial board. We helped them with the listing of products to be featured on the tequila and mezcal pages of the "Hard Liquor Encyclopedia" feature article, and arranged for the products to be photographed.
    The magazine features famous stores and major names in the spirits industry from all over Japan, and our gallery was introduced as the only one of its kind in Japan.

  • FM Aichi
    Food Specialty Program
    (Broadcasting in 2022)

    This is a well-known program that delivers "energy through food" under the theme of "FOOD." The program personalities are Rina Sawai, a TV personality, and Toshinori Kamiya, a super architectural designer with many successful achievements. They came all the way to our gallery for the recording. We talked a lot about the gallery and liquor.

  • 5 o'clock STAR by TV Aichi
    (Broadcasting in 2020)

    Our gallery was introduced as the only store in Japan.
    A tequila brand produced by an American Hollywood celebrity was introduced. Viewers interested in Mexican spirits came to the store to try a sample. The impact of the TV program was amazing.

Our Buyers
& Pro-Tasters

Koike Masato

Certifications and Titles
President (CEO) of Digital Dive INC. and Owner of Agave Spirits Gallery "SAKESHO KIN'EMON"

He is an agave LOVER who enjoys touring Mexican distilleries.
In recent years, he began researching agave varieties used to make Mexican spirits and started compiling academic books on them.
He is also a well-known agave spirits collector and opened the Agave Spirits Gallery in 2020 for a permanent exhibition of his own possessions.
As of 2021, it holds the largest number of exhibits in Japan.

*Source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  • ・Collector of Mexican spirits ( #1 in Japan)
  • ・Agave Spirits Specialist
  • ・TEQUILA MAESTRO certified by the Japan Tequila Association
  • ・MEZCALRERO certified by the Japan Mezcal Association
  • ・FBO Certified Spirits Advisor
    BSA Certified Spirits Advisor
  • ・Obtained WSET(U.K.) certification
  • ・Obtained A+Australian Wine certification issued by Wine Australia,
    an Australian Government statutory authority

Kazuko Koike

Certifications and Titles
Representative Director of Digital Dive Inc.
Wine Instructor and Sake Instructor at Academy du Vin Nagoya
Sake Instructor at Academy du Vin Osaka

She is a wine instructor and sake exam preparation instructor at a prestigious wine school, and she promotes the goodness of wine through certified wine exam instructors at the Japan Sommelier Association. She has a philosophy of going out to the field when she has time, and every year she visits wine-growing regions around France and famous sake-producing regions to learn the latest information and new technologies while deepening exchanges with producers and brewers.
She also serves as a judge for national sake competitions and awards.
Recently, after obtaining the TEQUILA MAESTRO certification from the Japan Tequila Association, she applied her skills as a professional taster, cultivated in wine and sake, to the world of Mexican spirits, where her tasting approach has become a unique method.

  • ・Wine Evangelist (the only Japanese)
  • ・Appointed Commandeur of the Supreme Council of Wine of Bordeaux, France.
  • ・Certified Wine Expert by the Japan Sommelier Association
  • ・Certified Wine Certificate Instructor by the Japan Sommelier Association
  • ・Certified SAKE DIPLOMA by the Japan Sommelier Association
  • ・Certified Sake Instructor by SSI (highest level of instructor certification)
  • ・Certified sake Taster by SSI
  • ・Certified Shochu Taster by SSI
  • ・Certified Sake / Shochu Quality Appraiser by SSI
  • ・FBO Certified Instructor
  • ・TEQUILA MAESTRO certified by the Japan Tequila Association

She also writes tasting comments at the request of breweries and serves as a judge for national sake competitions such as the "Sake that Goes Well with Wine Glass Award 2020" and the "National Heated Sake Contest 2020."